Clueless Pig Wall Street Protesters (in a Democrat’s Park) are Dupes of Obama

That’s justice. You can live in a veritable garbage pit made by you, by the way, your own self-created squalor. That’s justice. “A confrontation between police and protesters, who had vowed to stay put through civil disobedience, had been feared. Boisterous cheers floated up from the crowds as the announcement of the postponement circulated,” and everybody thought that Bloomberg had caved.

Now, the New York Post says that it was Brookfield, the owners of Zuccotti Park, who caved. And it’s interesting why they caved. I want to make this clear. The founder and owner of Brookfield Office Properties is John Zuccotti whom the park is named after. He was a Democrat official under Democrat Mayor Beame. He’s a major Democrat donor. “Brookfield reversed its decision to clear the park because it was intimidated by elected officials who are siding with the protestors, an angry Mayor Bloomberg said today. ‘My understanding is Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials, threatening them and saying if you don’t stop this we’ll make your life more difficult,’ the mayor said on his weekly radio show. ‘If those elected officials had spent half as much time trying to promote the city to get jobs to come here we would a lot more ways towards answering the concerns of the protestors. I’m told they were inundated by lots of elected officials…’

“The mayor said he didn’t know which elected officials applied the pressure. On Thursday, numerous officials — including Rep. Jerry Nadler and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer — stepped forward to demand that Brookfield and the city try to work out a voluntary resolution of the month-long sleep-in.” Now, when Jerry Nadler leans on you, you stay leaned on. Have you ever seen this guy? (interruption) Yeah, he did. He had the Rex Ryan belt loop surgery or whatever, the lap band. Yeah, did something like that. Still, when he leans you on, you’re still leaned on. But regardless, Doomberg says he doesn’t know who the elected officials are. Stop and think of this. Here’s this Zuccotti guy, a big Democrat himself, owns the park, he wants these people out of there so his property can get cleaned up. He doesn’t like having a pigsty outside his window and all of a sudden a bunch of elected officials call and start threatening him, and that’s the story.



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