Cain and Perry are Targets Because They’re Forwarding Conservatism

Here is the end of the Wall Street Journal piece on Perry’s plan: “All of this is bold enough that it will require an informed and articulate promoter, and the question about Mr. Perry is whether he can make that case better than he has so far been able to defend his Texas record. He’ll be helped by Steve Forbes, the original flat-tax proponent, who is now advising Mr. Perry and knows the attacks to come. The good news is that Mr. Perry and most of his competitors are thinking big, with proposals that will reverse the U.S. slide to high-debt, slow-growth stagnation. President Obama wants to portray the economic debate as pro-growth government spenders vs. the austerity of budget cutting. But the real debate is over whether government or the private economy is the main engine of prosperity.

“The flat tax puts Republicans on the side of private growth and government reform, a potent combination. Perhaps Mr. Perry and his comrades can even coax Mitt Romney to join the party.” That’s exactly right. That is the debate that drives us: Government or ourselves. That’s what this is all about — and if you believe that the best way for this country to move forward is for it to be directed by Barack Obama or any other president in Washington using government, then you are forever acknowledging that you are irrelevant and you are giving up any claim to prosperity. There won’t be any if the government sacrifices as the engine of growth. There won’t be any growth, either. Not where you live.



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