Biden Has His Numbers Wrong

I mentioned in the first half hour of the program running down the numbers on Vice President Bite Me and his claims on rape, and the story documents that Biden is just lying brazenly, and so are Dick Durbin and anybody else who happens to be supporting Biden in any of this. “Joe Biden falsely claimed on multiple occasions that the number of reported rapes in Flint, Mich., has skyrocketed since 2008 — providing different accounts at different events that do not square with FBI data. He started at a 152 percent increase, and since then has said rapes in Flint have tripled and even ‘quadrupled.’ But FBI data show the number of rapes in Flint has gone down 11 percent, from 103 in 2008 to 92 in 2010.”

And something that’s not mentioned and Bite Me doesn’t mention is that in Flint, Michigan, they alternately open and close the jail. It’s not always open. Sometimes they don’t have the money to keep it open, sometimes the townspeople vote to shut it down. There’s all kinds of variables. But the number of rapes in Flint, Michigan — and Biden is clearly saying, we’re losing cops, we don’t have as many cops on the street as we used to. The rapes are skyrocketing. They’re not. It’s a total, made-up farce. “Biden also said the city’s murder rate has ‘tripled.’ The city says there were a record-high 66 murders last year — double, not triple, the 32 murders that occurred in 2008.” So while the number of murders have gone up, not nearly as high, or as much as Bite Me says.



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