Barack Hussein Obama: The Biggest Fraud Ever to Sit in the Oval Office

We have a president here with a perverse mind. Now, let’s really sum up this press conference for you, this news conference where no news was made. Obama said, “If the jobs bill doesn’t pass, the economy could get worse.” The economy is getting worse! It has been getting worse since his first day in office. It will continue to get worse if he is in office. This guy is the biggest fraud to ever sit in the Oval Office.

He has created widespread, long-term unemployment. We’re now told this is the new normal, nine, 9.2, 9.5% unemployment, really 11. I mean the job universe is down. The number of jobs available in this country is down by two million since he took office. If there were as many jobs available now as when he took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.3%. That’s from James Pethokoukis at Reuters.



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