Ballot Initiatives: Ohio MUST Opt Out of Obamacare

Ohio and their election on November 8. And there are two really important issues on that ballot. One is Issue 2; the other is Issue 3. Issue 2 would replicate what happened in Wisconsin vis-a-vis state employees, unionized state employees: Take away some collective bargaining rights. It would require them to make modest contributions to their own pension plans, like you and I do. We have to contribute to our own 401(k)s.

Now, the news out of Ohio is that the unions are gonna win this one slam-dunk, big time. But apparently that is not true. “An internal memo from a key labor-backed group in the state is flatly warning that the polls are ‘flawed’ and that a big win for labor is not even ‘remotely possible.’ It adds that the [conservative] messaging has ‘worked,’ and that there’s good reason to suspect that a ‘massive amount of voter confusion remains,’ suggesting the fight could still go either way.” Now, they’re trying to say that the union is gonna win this thing in a slam-dunk and it’s not. “[A] big win for labor is not even ‘remotely possible.'” It’s close. It’s crucial. Issue 3 on the Ohio ballot on November 8th is also crucial. Very important.



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