Ann Coulter Praises Perry’s New Attack Ad

It’s a good ad. It’s probably Romney’s biggest problem, and that was a very strong ad, though I must say there are differences between doing it just in a state and doing it nationally. You can leave a state. You can’t leave the country, or at least not quite as easy.

And the other thing is, I mean, the country has spoken. They do not want national health care. Romney himself has said, whatever he says about — about what he did in Massachusetts, he says his first day in office, he will issue 50 state waivers to Obamacare, every state. We don’t have to worry about him making that mistake again.

What it reminds Republicans — but I think we all knew this — is that he’s not a pure free-marketeer. The Heritage Foundation, by the way, signed off on Romneycare and also in a small defense of Romneycare, though it is not a free market solution. A governor is limited in the solutions he can come up with because of federal laws requiring that hospitals treat anyone who comes to their door, including strings of illegal immigrants with sniffles or who think they’re getting a cold. That was the problem Romney was dealing with as a governor.

The problem generally with Obamacare and Romneycare is that they are responding to problems that were created by government intervention in the first place.



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