Random acts of journalism. They are rare. That’s why we point them out when they happen. It is very rare indeed in this day and age for a journalist to actually commit journalism. Most of them just do propaganda, stenography, or what have you. Here is John King and a random act of journalism. He was on CNN, and what he did — we got the sound bites here — he plays Eric Holder’s testimony to Congress May 3rd, 2011, where Holder said that he had only just recently heard about the Fast and Furious gunrunning program. “I’m not sure the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

Then, in a random act of journalism, CNN compares Holder’s testimony to what Obama said in March. For those of you in Rio Linda, March comes before May. Holder testified in May, and Obama said in March to CNN Espanol, “I heard on the news about this story, the Fast and Furious alleged guns were being run to Mexico, the ATF knew about it but didn’t apprehend those who had sent it.” So that’s Obama to CNN Espanol in March. Holder says, “I’m not sure,” in May, “I don’t know.” Which caused John King to commit the random act of journalism that followed. So here are the three sound bites, and the key one is number three, set up by the first two.

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