Alinsky, Obama, and “The Masses”

To those of you still trying to understand what all’s going on, it’s always useful to return to Alinsky, always useful. For example, folks, these Occupy Wall Street protests, wherever they are taking place, this is boot camp. This is boot camp for the bigger and badder protests that are in the works. Boot camp training, rehearsal time. Let’s put this together. Due to Obama’s policies, corporations are cutting back. They’re increasing costs or they’re dropping health insurance altogether. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, a story from the Associated Press yesterday. “Feds to Design Health Insurance for the Masses,” by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar.

“The federal government is taking on a crucial new role in the nation’s health care, designing a basic benefits package for millions of privately insured Americans. A framework for the Obama administration was released Friday. The report by independent experts from the Institute of Medicine lays out guidelines for deciding what to include in the new ‘essential benefits package,’ and how to keep it affordable for small businesses and taxpayers, as well as scientifically up to date. About 68 million Americans, many of them currently insured, ultimately would be affected by the new benefits package. That’s bigger than the number of seniors enrolled in Medicare.” And Obama promised it would bend the cost curve down, and Obama promised if you like your plan, you keep it.



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