A Proposal: Tax the Unions

Labor unions are part of this, MoveOn.org is part of this. So the labor unions now stand for socialism. They do. If you listen to Trumka, if you listen to son-of-a-bitch Jimmy Hoffa — well, folks, called us sons-of-bitches. I take it back. I was just trying to be funny. It was inappropriate. If you listen to this, all socialists. But is that what union members believe? Some of these union members are hard workers. Some of the union rank-and-file work hard. Some of the jobs those people have, coal miners, this is hard work. They break their backs. Do they think that their taxes ought to go to people for free college and free health care and guaranteed jobs? I’m talking about the rank-and-file. Do they think they ought to be breaking their backs for this spoiled rotten bunch of kids down on Wall Street?

Is that what labor union members believe? Because their bosses are supporting it now. Their bosses are funding it. Their bosses are underwriting it. My guess is that there is a whole lot of Reagan Democrats in these labor unions. There are a whole lot of conservatives in these labor unions. They’ve got no control over how their dues are spent, but they do control how they vote, and I don’t think they support the welfare state like this. We used to talk about welfare queens. We now have welfare punks. You know, you Occupy Wall Street people, what do you need sleeping bags for? Why not just a cardboard box? That’s been shown to work well. You can find under these dilapidated bridges in this country a lot of people sleeping in cardboard boxes under ’em.



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