Why Aren’t They Begging Rubio?

I think as far as the establishment’s concerned, there are two things. They don’t want a conservative to win for that reason, plus they do want to win. And I think they probably think Christie has a better chance than anybody else up there of beating Obama. That’s my guess. But I think what will happen is this: Whoever gets the nomination, if it is somebody outside the approval of the establishment, what then will happen is that all these establishment types will then start trying to buddy up to the winner, want to be part of his administration, and then spend the rest of their lives saying they were there at the right hand of this great, terrific president. That’s what happened to Reagan. Half the people that opposed Reagan did end up, especially in the second term, doing things in his administration, and they made the rest of their life career out of it.

To this day, some of these people still guest on television shows as Ronald Reagan’s X, or Ronald Reagan’s Y. Even the during the era of Reagan is over period, which Mitch Daniels also uttered, I should say, even when they were saying the era of Reagan was over, still some of these marginal characters in the Reagan Administration’s second term are still out there, claiming they were there, they were in the inner circle, they were making all these decisions. (interruption) I know it’s a serious question, Snerdley. Why aren’t people telling Rubio it’s not up to him? You’ve got Chris Christie saying, “It’s got to be in me. It isn’t in me.” “Well, it’s not up to you.” Why aren’t they saying it to Rubio? Because Rubio would win in a walkover. Rubio would win in a landslide over Obama. I’m hearing Bob McDonnell, Virginia, is the preferred veep candidate. I wouldn’t waste that on Rubio. Emmy, thanks for the call.



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