Where We Stand on Obamacare

Now the health care situation. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the individual mandate, but they left the rest of Obamacare intact. Now, I’m pretty sure that is different from previous rulings in other courts. I’m talking here about the 11th Circuit. So it was thought, it was speculated that the regime would ask for the entire 11-judge court to hear the case rather than just the three-judge panel that decided. And then the regime shocked everybody or I think shocked everybody, “No, no, no, you know what, we’re not even gonna mess around with the 11th anymore, we’re just gonna go straight to SCOTUS,” straight to the Supreme Court. And I said, now, wait just a second here. That tells me that they think that they’re gonna win this at the Supreme Court.

I frankly think, folks, and I have no problem telling you this, I think they’re gonna lose it at the Supreme Court. But that’s just me. I think Obama is gonna get paid back big time for his dissing of the Supreme Court at that State of the Union show. I think his moment is coming. This health care bill when it finally — but I’m way ahead of things here so I don’t even want to go there any further than I have. It’s just an opinion based on no knowledge. I asked a legal friend of mine to help me understand, because there was a story today from The Foundry, which is a Heritage Foundation blog, that we have outmaneuvered the regime, and we have filed an appeal at the Supreme Court based on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal ruling before the regime has, and this is considered a victory because we have outmaneuvered them and outsmarted them.



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