Warning: Do Not Be Distracted from the Economy, Republicans

There is a news report from the Washington Post today, and I want to warn you, this report is intended to sabotage the Republican presidential campaign. John Boehner said yesterday that there is a triple threat that exists to this country, three items that the Republicans need to stay focused on and nothing else. The triple threat is higher taxes, more stimulus spending, and federal regulations. All three undermine the creation of jobs. If you remember Ronaldus Magnus had a three-legged stool. Three issues. You remember what they were, Snerdley? Defeat communism, rebuild the military, lower taxes. Those were the three things. And he never lost focus of them. Three things constantly discussed, makes it simple, doesn’t complicate things.

The left would love for the Tea Party to get distracted, start talking about immigration, abortion, gay marriage, all this other stuff, because right now the chief vulnerability faced by Obama and the Democrats is the economy. Jobs, stimulus spending, federal regulations, those are the three things that are killing this country. Those are the three things that every Republican needs to focus on. Therefore, there’s a story in the Washington Post today that is designed to irritate, aggravate, and anger people to the point they hope the Republicans start talking about this in their debate next week. Here’s the story.



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