Times Sounds Alarm on Obama

“Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama’s Chances.” I’ll tell you what, this speech Thursday night’s what did it to ’em, at the New York Times. That was Clown 101, that was Barnum & Bailey. You have a joint session of Congress, “pass this bill now,” and there’s no bill — and you give a campaign speech as a joint session; and you have up there a dreaded, corporate CEO: Jeffrey Immelt. Now, may be cool that there’s some crony capitalism going on between Obama and GE, but still: The left hates corporations, except for their own. Like they love the New York Times corporation. By the way, Forbes: “GE Cuts Offshore Wind Power Plants.” This whole green energy thing is being exposed for what it’s always been, a gigantic fraud.

“General Electric, the U.S.-based industrial giant and leading manufacturer of wind-power turbines, is scaling back efforts to expand its presence in the offshore wind power market. The rationale: there is no meaningful offshore wind market to speak of…” There’s no business there! This is Forbes. I didn’t say that; I’m reading it. Solyndra. There’s no business there. When I say there’s no business there, I don’t mean people have no business doing that. There is not an active business in solar panels. It just isn’t there. There’s not a business in wind power. I mean, you might see windmills out there — and the windmills might be turning, and the turbines might be making noise and birds might be dying — but there’s no business there, otherwise corporate chieftains like Jeffrey Immelt of GE wouldn’t be shutting them down.



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