The Bedroom Slipper Controversy

You know, the liberal media, remember Joe the Plumber? Obama rips into Joe the Plumber and the liberal media rips into Joe the Plumber. Yet while they rip into Joe the Plumber, they love this guy Doug Edwards who shows up at Obama’s town hall meeting yesterday, begs Obama to raise his taxes. But Joe the Plumber who says, “Wait a minute, man, we’re taxed enough here. What are you trying to do to us?” “I want to spread the wealth around, Joe.” Joe the non-Jew plumber, by the way, as opposed to Jewish plumber, Jewish janitor, what have you. (interruption) Yeah, that’s true. If you weren’t here yesterday you’re not gonna understand the reference. We had a sound bite, Obama called janitors Jews and stopped himself and said, no, I mean janitors. So when he looks at janitors he thinks Jews or when he looks at Jews he thinks janitors, one of the two, we couldn’t figure it out. But don’t blame me. I’m simply reacting to the president of the United States.

Now, folks, don’t think this guy doesn’t want to be reelected. He wants to change the country, and he’s nowhere near finished. If you don’t believe in the market system, if you don’t believe in individual rights, all these sorts of things, if you’re not committed to constitutional government, but instead to big government, socialism, group rights, you’re not capable of promoting the American dream, folks, it’s just not possible. Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are not capable of promoting the American dream. They tear it down. They mock it. And they attack it.



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