Talking Points: Muffin-gate

As you may have heard, an audit by the Department of Justice shows the federal government is guilty of wasteful and extravagant spending at a number of law enforcement conferences. Between October 2007 and September 2009, 10 conferences cost the American taxpayer $4.4 million.

A couple of examples of craziness: At a training conference in August 2009, $4,200 was spent on 250 muffins. That adds up to $16 per muffin. I’m sure they were delicious muffins. I’m sure they were presented in a pleasing way. But the $16 muffin now becomes a symbol of how wasteful the feds are with our tax dollars.

A few more examples: July 2008, two coffee breaks cost the American taxpayer $15,600; $52 per person was spent on coffee breaks by a drug enforcement task force. February 2008, the U.S. Attorneys conference food and beverage cost $54,000. December 2007, an emergency response conference in Denver: $90,000 spent on food and beverages.

The hits just keep on coming.



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