State-Run Media Finally Realizes Moderates Have Rejected Obama

There’s a story in The Politico today, folks. Speaking of warfare, there are rumblings in the media and throughout the rest of the Democrat Party that Obama’s class warfare rhetoric is starting to lose him the precious independents vote. I have a story here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers that The Politico is running an article that says “Obama Sparks Middle of Road Rage.”

Now, remember, the conventional wisdom is that the moderates and the great independents dislike any form of confrontation or conflict. They don’t like criticism. Not of themselves, but of Democrats. We have been told for as long as I’ve been hosting this program that independents, if you start criticizing Democrats — it doesn’t matter where! “They could be president, members of House, Senate, dogcatcher, wherever. You criticize Democrats and the moderates gonna put their foot down and they’re gonna run right back to the Democrat Party because they don’t want to hear any of that,” and I’ve always asked myself, “Who put this thought out there?” because the Democrat Party, particularly as it’s constituted today is the biggest collection of extreme, mean-spirited, violent rhetoric that you’ll find in politics today.



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