Rumsfeld: Terrorists can’t shut down Pentagon

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he he made the executive decision not to close down the Pentagon after Sept. 11 attacks.

“It was clear they had hit the seat of economic power in New York and the seat of military power of the United States in Washington,” he said in an interviewed aired Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” reflecting the 10th anniversary of the attacks on Sunday.

“And another plane of course was probably gonna try to hit the seat of political power in the White House or the Congress,” he added. “And I just made a decision that when the fire marshal said evacuate the building, I said, ‘No, get the non-essential personnel out of there and– and– we’ll leave it open.’ I didn’t wanna– I don’t want the world to think that a group of terrorists could shut down the U.S. Department of Defense.”



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