Romney: My Jobs Plan Looks at What Happens in America Over the Next 30 Years

VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, everyone’s horrified at our unemployment rate of about 9.1 percent, which is about 14 million people who are unemployed. But that’s only part of it. As you know, you’ve got over 8 million underemployed and you’ve got more than 2 million people who have just given up, so that it’s more than 25 million people who really are in a hopeless situation.

So going to your economic plan, let me take first the idea to cut the corporate income tax. If you cut the corporate tax, how soon can you get those people to work?

ROMNEY: Well, I’m not going to be president for at least a year, so it’s going to take a little while before those changes get put in place. But if I’m president, on day one, I’ve got five bills to put in place within 30 days and I’ve got five new executive orders that’ll get this economy working again.

And I’m also, Greta — I’m not just looking at the immediate — what happens in the next 30 days but rather what happens over the next 30 years. I want America to lead the world in innovation, in new jobs, in the highest income for middle-income Americans. Middle-income Americans have really had a tough time in this Obama economy. We got to do our best to get these folks back to work, get them incomes rising and to make sure the squeeze they’re feeling ends and that it’s good to be in the middle class again.



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