Regime Launches Tattletale Site

Now you’ve got the regime announcing yesterday this thing called Attack Watch. Obama has now…? The regime has a website? This is straight out of the… I saw a funny tweet. Some babe calls herself Virginia Gal has a tweet on this new Attack Watch website, the White House, “Are we gonna be able to read this in the original German?” This is a tattletale site. If you see anybody running around there “lying” about the unemployment rate being 9.1%, if you see or hear anybody “lying” about the fact that all these jobs have been destroyed, you’re supposed to report to the regime at Attack Watch and they’re gonna be monitoring this stuff.

It’s breathtaking here what’s happening right now. Normally, I wouldn’t want to be a guy watching the White House press briefing today, but I wonder if they’ll cancel it. Send Jay Carney out there to answer stuff about all of this. (interruption) They did cancel it. They canceled the press briefing once before. It’s not unusual. And then continuing avalanche of bad news: “Retail Sales in the US Unexpected Stagnate on Lack of Jobs.” What? This is Bloomberg. “Retail sales in the US unexpectedly stagnated in August as a lack of jobs restrained shoppers, highlighting the risk the economy will suffer…” This is just absurd. This continues to be the theater of the absurd. What in the world is “unexpected” about retail sales stagnating?

So, anyway, folks, we’ve got a whole lot to do today that’s gonna be a whole lot of… Well, Attack Watch is a retread. Remember, they had Fight the Smears, and I guess people lost interest in Fight the Smears ’cause they couldn’t find any smears. All there is is the truth about this guy!



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