Palin: The Problem With This Country Is People Are Afraid to Call Members of Their Own Party Out on ‘Crony Capitalism’

I was very pleased with this debate, and you know, very excited about the validation of the Tea Party movement here, the hook-up with a major news network, CNN, and more power to CNN for allowing that validation of this grass roots Tea Party movement participants from all over the nation being able as a voice of we the people, asking questions of these potential presidents. A very, very wonderful debate in terms of the whole forum and the venue that was chosen.

The winner in this, really, I believe, was the Tea Party movement and that validation of what it is that we have been talking about for two years now, Greta, where we’ve been saying Obama’s big centralized government, his agenda that kind of replicates some of the socialized government policies of some European countries, doesn’t work.

So you saw a group tonight up there on stage talking about pro-private sector, entrepreneurial pioneering spirit of America being allowed to thrive and prosper to create jobs. So it was a good debate, especially in those terms.



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