Palin: Obama ‘Plays Us All for Fools’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin strongly condemned President Obama’s jobs plan Friday afternoon, saying that the president “plays us all for fools.”

“I thought the president was very bold in his request for another blank check,” Palin said on Fox News, where she is a paid contributor. “I don’t consider it a plan at all.”

The former vice presidential nominee said she cared neither for the substance or the style of the president’s speech, and felt that he was trying to pressure the Congress into passing the jobs package.

“They want to shove something down our throats even though it’s inconsistent with economic principles that can work in facing the problems we have with our economy,” Palin said.

For it’s part, the White House has been trying to emphasize the bipartisan aspects of the bill, arguing that much of the substance of the plan had been previously endorsed by Republicans. White House spokesman Jay Carney said he “welcomed” Republicans who had offered support for part of the bill.



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