Obama’s Not Interested in Jobs, He’s Just Trying to Gin Up His Base

Now, of course this is not a jobs bill, and I think even that is starting to resonate. Obama’s speech Thursday before a joint session, what he said yesterday in the Rose Garden, none of this is about jobs. It cannot and will not create jobs. Even if it were passed and signed into law, it wouldn’t create one job; it would destroy them. This is not a jobs bill. This was a campaign philosophical, policy, position, what have you — and, you know, Mike I’m gonna throw away what I told you on the sound bites. I’m gonna find some stuff here because it just confirms what I have said. Let’s grab audio sound bite number six. This is not a jobs bill. This is a campaign speech staking out a campaign position. What did I say yesterday?

What I said was that Obama has lost independents, and before he can even dare worry about getting them back, he’s got to shore up his base. His base is livid. His base thinks that he has whimpered out. His base thinks that he doesn’t have what it takes. His base is on the brink of deserting him. They all want Hillary, folks. The media wants Hillary, the New York Times wants Hillary, the Chicago Tribune wants Hillary. That’s what this is all about: They all want Hillary. Bill Clinton wants Hillary back (in the White House). Twenty years ago — and I’ve been doing this show for 23 years, and I knew then what I know now.

How many times have I said to you over these past 20 years that 20 years ago, 25 years ago, most everybody believed what Obama believes today? Twenty, 25 years ago that speech that Obama gave yesterday, we wouldn’t stand a chance because everybody believed it. Everybody believed that every rich person was a Republican. Everybody believed that the rich Republicans didn’t care about the poor. Everybody believed that rich Republicans only cared about saving business. Everybody believed it. They believed it all. I’ll never forget my speech at GOPAC, making a joke about my mother and getting my mother a new can opener to eat the dog food.



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