Obama’s Jobs Speech Will Be Just Another Campaign Attack on GOP

this is not intended to be a jobs program anyway. It’s nothing more than a speech, and it’s not intended to be scored. It’s just gonna be an attack on the Republicans as obstructionists. You can’t score a speech is precisely the point. There’s nothing Obama can be held accountable to here in a speech. Platitudinous ideas, present all these grandiose plans with no specifics, then Republicans object to it and he’s got his campaign. It’s exactly what’s going on here. DeMint knows it. The Republicans know it. Here’s Paul Krugman. He was also on the roundtable This Week. He’s the ferret-like columnist of the New York Times. And he was asked by Christiane Amanpour, “The president has a major task this week. You got unemployment still at 9.1% and job growth last month was zero.”



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