Obamacare Must be Repealed Before the 2014 Changes Kick In

The whole point of Obamacare is to get your company to drop health care from its benefit roll. The whole point is to drive private sector health insurance out of business. The whole point is that by 2020 we’ve all only got one place to go for health insurance, and that’s the equivalent of the DMV. That is the entire point of it, so that there ultimately is no choice and no competition. And no, Matilda, none of this is about health care. Nobody in charge of this bill cares a whit whether you live or die. They don’t care whether you get cured of your disease. What they care about is totally controlling your life. What they’re into is power, the power to make decisions for you that will make you more dependent on them and thus entrench them in their little fiefdoms of power.

The idea that Barack Obama or the Democrat Party have any altruistic aims or interests in any of their legislation is something that can be disproved by the results of any liberal program that’s come to pass prior to today. They don’t work. They cost more than promised. In fact, not only do these liberal programs not work, they end up destroying people, families, lives, opportunity. Yet people keep investing in the good intentions, the big hearts that are behind all these ideas. So it is important not to get sidetracked by vaccinations, a bunch of social issues and stuff because this is the seminal issue.

I’ll tell you, as far as Rick Perry is concerned, any way you slice it, this in-state tuition for illegal aliens is a far more serious problem for Rick Perry than this vaccine is gonna end up being ’cause he’s admitted the mistake on the vaccine. He has not admitted the mistake on illegal immigration, and if he does that too late it’s gonna be seen as political opportunism and a last-minute conversion. Just trust me, from a political sense, this in-state tuition thing is gonna pose a greater problem for Perry than this vaccine business is.



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