Obama Should Apologize in His Joint Session Campaign Speech

From the Associated Press: “Obama yields to Boehner’s September the 8th speech timing,” and listen to this pull-quote. “With new August unemployment numbers ready to be released Friday, Obama is under pressure to lay out his plan. In seeking a joint session of Congress to deliver it, he is turning the effort into a public relations campaign.”

AP wrote that. Unbelievable! AP, describing this as not something hugely statesman-like, but rather a PR campaign, public relations campaign. If Obama really cared, you know what he would do at this joint session is apologize. He would apologize for the damage that he’s done to the US economy. He would apologize for these policies and swear that he’s now gonna do a 180. He would apologize for what he has done. No, I’m serious. If he really cared, he would apologize.

Now, of course, I’m not under any illusion. He’s not gonna apologize. He’s not through, folks. He’s going to double down. He’s going to make proposals here that the Republicans can’t possibly accept and try to create a campaign where he gets to run against Congress. But let’s look at that. By the time he runs, three years of the four will have been under total Democrat Party control. Now, that’s gonna be a tough point to make because Congress is Congress, and it’s gonna be a tough point to convince a whole lot of voters, “Well, yeah, Democrats ran the Congress.” People instinctively hate Congress anyway, so that’s what he’s banking on. He’s gonna do a Harry Truman, gonna run against an obstructionist, do-nothing Congress.



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