Obama Goes Looking for Love, But Doesn’t Get Any from Carville

So James Carville’s out there saying, “People often ask me what advice I would give the White House about various things. Today I was mulling over election results from New York and Nevada while thinking about that very question. What should the White House do now? One word came to mind: Panic. We are far past sending out talking points. Do not attempt to dumb it down. We cannot stand any more explanations. Have you talked to any Democratic senators lately? I have. It’s pretty damn clear they are not happy campers.

“This is what I would say to President Barack Obama: The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed. I don’t know how else to break this down. Simply put: Fire somebody. No — fire a lot of people. This may be news to you but this is not going well. For precedent, see Russian Army 64th division at Stalingrad. There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm.” “If you love me help me pass the bill,” Obama says. Here, grab that bite. That is number six. Here is Obama, this is pathetic.

OBAMA: If you love me you gotta help me pass this bill. If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill. It starts with your help.



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