Obama and the Democrats are at War Against the Private Sector

“It protects property, the environment, civil rights … My seat-mate seems to think that I’m missing the point. He’s not anti-government. He’s not anti-regulation. He just needs to know as he makes his plans that the rules aren’t going to change radically. Big businesses don’t face the same problem, he says. They have lots of customers to spread costs over. They have ‘installed base.’ For medium-sized firms like his, however, there is little wiggle room to absorb the costs of regulatory change. Because he possesses neither lobbyists nor clout, he says, Washington doesn’t care whether he hires more workers or closes up shop. We will be landing shortly in Minneapolis. I ask him what, precisely, he thinks is the proper role of government as it relates to business. ‘Invisible,’ he says. ‘I know there are things the government has to do.

“But they need to find a way to do them without people like me having to bump into a new regulation every time we turn a corner.’ … ‘Government should act like my assistant, not my boss.’ We are at the gate. We exchange business cards. On the way to my connection, I ponder. As an academic with an interest in policy, I tend to see businesses as abstractions, fitting into a theory or a data set. Most policy makers do the same. We rarely encounter the simple human face of the less-than-giant businesses we constantly extol. And when they refuse to hire, we would often rather go on television and call them greedy than sit and talk to them about their challenges. Recessions have complex causes, but, as the man on the aisle reminded me, we do nothing to make things better when the companies on which we rely see Washington as adversary rather than partner. — Stephen L. Carter, a Bloomberg View columnist, is a professor of law at Yale University.”

Now, there you have it. That’s from May 26th of this year, and more CEOs of even larger companies are starting to echo the same thing. “Just get out of our way. Just stop all this.” Now, I checked the e-mail during the break, and it’s predictable. There you go again, Rush, predicting that Obama wants this to happen, purposely destroying the economy. No president wants to destroy the economy! He may be inept, Rush, and he may be competent, but he’s not trying to do that.” Let me ask you a simple question: If this is not what the regime wants, why do they keep doing it? Hmm? Just give me an answer to that simple question: If this is not what Obama wants, why does he keep doing it? If this is not what Obama wants, why does he keep expanding it? Do you doubt that Obama wants to grow the government larger and larger? Do you doubt that the government wants to make more and more people dependent on it, meaning the Democrat Party. If this is not what Obama wants, why does he keep doing it?



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