Obama: 153 Bridges Will Collapse

When did the last one fall? What was the first stimulus for? What was the first trillion dollars for to fix all these bridges, 153 structurally deficient bridges. He’s admitting that during his reign, he hasn’t done anything about any of these deficient bridges. You’ve got this little bill he’s waving around. He hasn’t filed a bill. There is no jobs bill of Obama’s that has been filed in Congress. Louie Gohmert filed his own two-page job bill, and it’s called the American Jobs Act. They stole little Barry’s title, stole his name, stole the name of his bill. Little Barry’s out there waving this thing around as though there are millions of jobs in that 155-page thing he’s waving around. And Gallup, I just saw this, Gallup’s got a poll result apparently out there that a majority of Americans want the jobs bill passed. Sorry, majority of Americans, it isn’t gonna be passed. There’s no intention for this thing to pass in all or in part, there’s no way.



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