NYC mayor blows off request for clergy to speak at 9-11 memorial

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, on the weekend that the nation marks the 10th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks on Washington and New York, has declined to respond to a written demand for Christian and Jewish clergy to be represented at the city’s memorial for the nearly 3,000 victims of the 9/11 attacks.

“No response from the mayor,” attorney Larry Klayman, who founded Judicial Watch and now is of FreedomWatch, told WND.

“No surprise. He thinks he is above the law and has little to no respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage, let alone people of true faith, as opposed to those who practice Islam and Shariah law. It’s likely the mayor is bowing down to Muslims given his business interests in the Arab world. One can also assume he is working with the Obama administration and that President Obama himself had a hand to play in this latest affront to Christians and Jews and the families of 9/11 victims.”



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