“Mr. Boehner, Tear Down This Bridge”

Meanwhile, Obama is just looking small and tiny as he can. Now going to another bridge, a bridge that is not in peril, a bridge that is not threatened, he’s going to a bridge that he believes needs repair, he’s hoping to embarrass Boehner and McConnell, he’s flying to Boehner country to sell his jobs idea near a major structure in need of repair, and it isn’t, but that’s the optic that he wants to create. So I have a question: If Obama knows that there is a bridge that might collapse resulting in death, and in North Carolina ten days ago, last week, whenever it was, remember there were 153 bridges and four very near — there’s Clinton right now from NewsMax on Fox. So this is getting out there now. He-he-he-he-he.

There’s gonna be a mea culpa at some point down the road. Clinton’s gonna have to do something about this. (imitating Clinton) “I was misinterpreted in what I said. I firmly support the president of the United States. I think he’s doing the right thing.” He’ll worm his way out of it somehow, it’s gonna be fun to watch. At any rate, ladies and gentlemen, four bridges near where Obama was, he wouldn’t identify them. I was asking, did his car, did The Beast travel over one of those bridges with Michelle in it? That car weighs 8,000 pounds without her in it. Did he put himself and her at risk driving over one of these bridges? He didn’t tell us which ones they are.



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