Little Barry Finally Has a Bill!

The pep rally this morning in the Rose Garden was so high school. The president has his props. He had a bill. He was proudly waving his little bill. Look at little Barry, got a bill, he’s waving his little bill around, holding it up like it was his first term paper. And I kept saying, “Well, where’s your budget next? How about a budget? How about a budget?” Too bad his parents weren’t there to say, “Our Barack has a bill. Our Barack has a bill. We’ve never been so proud, our Barack has a bill.” Everybody’s been asking where the bill is. On Thursday night he said, “Pass this bill.” Where is it?

Well, there is one now. We got a bill. He had to have those huge props behind him. I’ll tell you, it’s not working. He’s coming off — (interruption) well, I’m not gonna dispute whether it’s a bill. You want me to speculate here that it might just be a bunch of paper, how do we know it’s a bill? We saw a cover, we saw a stack of paper, we didn’t actually see the bill. Well, we’ll know soon enough whether or not it was a bill.

It could have been the instruction documents for covering up what happened to Solyndra and they could have just gotten it mixed up at the White House. Who knows. Oh, look, there’s Solyndra on TV right now. At any rate, now is the time for the official rebuttal of Obama’s job speech from the titular head of the Republican Party, that’s me, and you will get it during the course of the program today. He still hasn’t said how he’s gonna pay for his jobs bill, and that won’t happen for a couple more weeks. The fierce urgency, folks, the best way to describe this, the fierce urgency three weeks after the vacation speech — (interruption) tax increases on the rich. Yeah. But did you also notice — now, this is key as I weave my way back to Social Security. You may think this is all disjointed here, folks, but it’s all setting up to unfold before your very eyes and ears the program today. Did you notice how he wants to reduce payroll taxes? Yeah. Okay, now, that’s fine and dandy, except when you consider payroll taxes are the only funding source of Social Security. Payroll taxes, FICA, the only funding source for Social Security.



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