Key Lib Sectors Drift Away From Obama

It’s the same thing with these polls that all these people, a vast majority disagree with every policy and will tell you they think the country’s going in the wrong way but have you noticed the media then follows up by saying, “Ah, but his popularity remains sky-high! He’s personally liked.” Now, how do you explain that? I’ll tell you how to explain that. Nobody… I don’t care if it’s a phone poll, I don’t care if it’s on the Internet. Everybody thinks that they’re being monitored, everybody thinks that the pollster knows who they are, and you’re not gonna have people get asked, “So do you personally like the president?” and say, “Hell, no!”

Nobody’s gonna say that about the first black president of the United States. It’s not gonna happen. Now, black disaffection with Obama ought to be sky-high. The black community is being wrecked, and the Congressional Black Caucus has said that if the president were a Democrat but were white, they’d be marching on the White House. The only reason they’re not is that they don’t want anybody else hating him as much as they do. In a sense that’s what they said. I think it was Emanuel Cleaver. They don’t want to give any ammo to the haters out there. Well, that just means to me they don’t want anybody hating the president as much as they do. It wouldn’t be helpful. But how these people are gonna end up voting I don’t know. I do think you look at the Washington Post, the LA Times, the New York Times, it hasn’t yet hit the liberal cable news spots or the blogs, but it has in certain sectors of State-Controlled Media. Obama’s becoming more and more of a man on a island. They are starting to drift away from the guy at key sectors of the media because their ideology is on the line now, and they’ve gotten to the point now where “it” is worth saving; he’s not.



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