It’s Time Democrats Pay Their Fair Share for the Mess They Created

Try looking at it this way. The reason that we are in the fiscal position that we’re in in this country so that people who work in government have been irresponsible, totally and 100% irresponsible. Now, being honest you could lay a majority of this blame to the Democrat Party. They live and breathe off the notion of ever-expanding government, government running more and more of people’s lives. It is they who came up with all of these entitlement programs, most of them. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, they’re not the only ones. The list is on and on and on. Why in the world should we — any of us, collectively or individually. Why should it be up to us to pay for their mistakes, which just allows them to keep on making mistakes?

And they’re not even mistakes. They’re doing all of this on purpose. Remember they fined BP $20 billion for that oil spill. They didn’t pay it all out. What happened to that? All of the money that they have, and they still tell us that we are not paying enough in taxes! When the problem with this government is not that they don’t have enough revenue, it is that they are the ones who refuse to live within their means. Now, after Obama spends $5 trillion that we don’t have, now we get the “We gotta live within our means” speech, as though he had nothing to do with this; and now somehow all of this is the result of people who are cheating, scheming, “getting away with not paying their fair share;” which is a crock.



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