If You Don’t Know Him by Now

Well, we know Bill Ayers. We know Jeremiah Wright. We know Bernardine Dohrn. And, you know, it is interesting. Not one law student of Obama’s, he taught law at University of Chicago, not one student’s come forward and said, “Yeah, this guy really inspired me.” Nobody at Harvard Law Review has ever come forth and said, “Yeah, yeah, I knew Obama, this guy was brilliant.” And there was some feminist website I was reading not long ago that asked where were all the old girlfriends of Obama? Guy runs for president, all the old girlfriends pop up. Nobody’s popped up.

So here we have Charlie Rose, Tom Brokaw, now Piers Morgan, all accredited members of the Drive-By Media, now nearly three years into this, saying, “Who is this guy? We don’t know who he is.” And these are the people who told us who he was during the campaign and are longing for that persona to once again surface. I think the only thing that Obama could do — speaking now to Frank Rich — Frank, the only thing Obama could do that would be convincing in that big speech next week, is to resign.



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