Herman Cain Could Be Our First Authentically Black President

Congratulations to Herman Cain and the 9-9-9 plan. Herman Cain, the big surprise winner of the Florida straw poll on Saturday.
Folks, do you realize, I mean Herman Cain won big,
and think about this. We could be on the brink of an historic election. Think about this. Let’s say that Herman Cain goes all the way, wins the Republican presidential nomination. By the way, the Tea Party people, did you have any idea
how much they hated women, voting for Herman Cain like this? I thought last week they hated blacks, last week they were racists. This week they’re sexists. At any rate, Herman Cain goes on to win the Republican presidential nomination and then goes on to be elected president, Herman Cain could be our first authentically black president. Stop and think about that.



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