Gawker Says Bam’s Depressed, as Dems Chatter About Replacing Him

I reported Hillary to Attack Watch. Have you seen the front page of Drudge? He’s taken the big picture of Hillary down. There was a huge picture up there. Drudge headline: “Hope Skids to Lowest Since 1980.” What is that?

It’s a CNBC story, “Consumer Hope For the Future Hits Lowest Level Since 1980.” There was a picture up there of Hillary. It’s a big picture. Now it’s lower, still up there. I saw the picture today, and I said, “Well, I guess that ends any chance of a primary challenge to Obama.” He-he-he-he-he. It’s actually not that bad. Do you know, folks, John Fund has a story out there, he’s speculating on what would have to happen to get Obama off the ticket. Fund had been talking to a lot of Democrats and a lot of Democrats are already of the belief that Obama’s toast, 14 months out, toast, that it’s fini, that it is over.

Now, I happen to think too much can happen in 14 months to invest in that. I think we have to keep acting like we’re behind. I think we have to keep acting like we’ve gotta lot of hard work to do, to do this, and maintain the growth position that we’re in. But despite that, Fund’s got that story out there, and the theory is — just as I said the other day on the program — there is not one Democrat alive who is going to actively compete against Obama in the primaries, and the primary reason is race. There’s not one Democrat, including Hillary (inspired by Bill) that’s gonna be responsible — no Democrat’s gonna be responsible — for ending the presidency of the first black president in the country, particularly a Democrat.



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