For 9/11 Victim’s Family Members No Justice, No Peace On Anniversary

On September 11, 2001, I lost my nephew: New York State Senior Court Officer Thomas Jurgens.

Tommy was a first responder to the attacks to the World Trade Center. He commandeered a jury van and loaded it up with supplies and personnel and went from the safety of his courthouse to the World Trade Center.

He was told by his supervisors to leave the Trade Center and his radio response was, “I cannot leave, there are people who need our help.”

That was his last radio transmission. He was never seen again. He was killed on September 11 as were his colleagues New York State Court Officer Captain Harry Thompson and Senior Court Officer Mitch Wallace.

Tommy’s remains were never found. The only items that were recovered from the ashes of Ground Zero were his melted gun and mangled badge. He was just 26 years old and was married only 3 months.

While I cannot speak for all victims of 9/11, I can speak for one.



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