Don’t Vote for Earl Ray Obamalin!

By Jay Taylor, Vice President of Political Strategy – Liberty Alliance, LLC

The liberal media pundits will have you believe that Democrat nominee for Governor of West Virginia Earl Ray Tomblin is actually a conservative. Once you get a look at the track record of Mr. Tomblin, it doesn’t take long for the truth of his liberal ways to surface.

Tomblin is hand in hand with Obama and the party stance. He refuses to allow West Virginia to get involved with the lawsuit to prevent the job killing Obamacare. As acting governor, Tomblin signed the bill which codified Obamacare into state law, including taxpayer funding of abortion. Therefore, even if the other 49 states escape Obamacare when it is either declared unconstitutional or repealed, West Virginians will still be stuck with it.

As acting governor Tomblin hasn’t exactly been a lightning rod to fight against the Obama administration’s efforts to kill the West Virginia coal fields. As senate president, he partnered with Obama in 2009 to pass cap and trade into West Virginia state law, which began phasing last January and will fully implement in January 2014. Many people believe that the recently announced closings of several power plants in the state are as a result of this law.

Tomblin agrees with Obama on trying to stimulate the economy through government spending. This disastrous course has taken our country into the brink of financial ruin. West Virginia has always stayed above the cuff with our spending. Do we need to now take our lead from someone who agrees with the Obama course? Earl Ray Tomblin will be campaigning for Obama for sure next year. The only question will be is if he does it as governor or not?

Earl Ray Tomblin built his wealth through the video poker machine business in West Virginia. For years these unregulated machines were all over the mountain state as they fed off the addiction of gamblers where paychecks were fed to the machines instead of families. Eventually these machines did come into state control, but of course the Tomblin family business continues to do well on the backs on gamblers. Tomblin has constant ethics challenges from his family’s business and involvement at the state dog racing tracks where the Tomblin family has received millions in payouts. There is even a new controversy brewing with a PO box that Tomblin has that somehow receives thousands of dollars in state checks every month. Earl Ray’s tax return only shows his income as a publically elected official, yet he seemingly lives a lifestyle like that of a rich person. Newspapers have called Mr. Tomblin “ethically challenged”. Of course Mr. Tomblin always has an excuse for the constant smoke of ethic challenges, but should voters buy it?

West Virginia’s gubernatorial race is a real referendum on Obama. If Tomblin wins liberals will of course use this to say see the tide has turned and it’s time for an Obama comeback. It’ll provide a central point for the Obama campaign to try and swing a red state back into the blue column. And with Tomblin’s union ties and ethic shortcomings, you can be sure that cronyism will rule the day.



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