Don’t Expect Obama to Reject His Socialist Economic Policies

Obama’s approval rating numbers are down. Everybody in Obama’s team is floundering. The stories are out there — and I don’t like these the stories, by the way — the stories are out there about Obama being a one-termer and how this is all bad — (interruption) well, because it’s too soon for these stories. Too much can happen. It’s too soon to write the guy off. And if we get stories from the left about how they’re writing him off, then, you know, I don’t know what kind of reverberation effect that has on everybody else, but it’s too soon to write the guy off. We are 14 months away.

Victor Davis Hanson had a piece in which he postulates a possibility, and it is this: “Anatomy of Democrat Angst Over Obama.” This ran yesterday at National Review Online. Three questions for the Democrats to answer. “Strange indeed is the sudden Democratic furor at Barack Obama.” Strange indeed, and it is. Almost in unison everybody on the left has turned against the guy, right.

“On the domestic front, for example, we forget that Obama ‘went big’ on the stimulus, giving a number of speeches about the ‘historic’ size of his ‘investments’ and why we should not worry about the timid naysayers. At the time, he was widely praised for his audacity. He also went big on Obamacare, despite worries from party centrists. Again, he was praised for forcing through such a radically new program. In other words, few Democrats have tried so eagerly to advance the liberal domestic agenda. His appointments, the politics at the Department of Justice and the EPA, and his use of executive fiat to circumvent bothersome laws bear that out. If Obama were enjoying a 60 percent approval rating and the economy were humming at 5 percent annual growth and 5 percent unemployment, the Democrats would be singing his praises despite his stumbles. The problem Obama poses to Democrats is not his policy but his popularity — in their ‘what-if’ minds, he is sinking because he did not do enough rather than far too much.”



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