Democrat Congressman Says Tea Party Wants to Lynch Blacks

This is the new civility of the Democrat Party. We actually had a member of the Congressional Black Caucus suggest that Tea Partiers in Washington would like to see blacks like him hanging from trees. I wonder if Mr. Andre Carson is — (interruption) He’s probably unaware, Mr. Snerdley, that blacks in the South were hung from trees by Democrats. Do you think he knows that? Do you think Andre Carson knows that it was Democrats who did the lynching? Do you think Andre Carson knows that it was Democrats who hung blacks from trees? You think he knows that? You really do? Well, that just makes him even more disingenuous. Well, if you didn’t know it, folks, it is true, blacks in the South were lynched by Democrats largely because they might have voted Republican.

If you were black, you could get lynched, you could be hung from a tree by Democrats if you voted Republican. In fact, white Republicans were the first targets of Southern lynch mobs, especially the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party which is known as what? The Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party. The Democrats terrorized white people who tried to help black people. The Democrats of the South were the ones doing all the lynching, Mr. Carson. Meanwhile, it’s ridiculous to have to even point this out, no evidence that the Tea Party’s lynched anybody. This is how discombobulated these people are. And of course you hear the audience reaction, “Yeah, baby, yeah!” Language of jihad? Well, it does sound like Jihadist language in you look at it in a certain way.



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