Democrat Governor Bev Purdue of NC Wasn’t Joking: She Wants to Cancel the 2012 Congressional Elections

So the governor of North Carolina is just joking about canceling the 2012 congressional elections. She was just joking, she was just having some fun out there. That’s the spin of the local media in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s also the spin of the Drive-Bys, State-Controlled Media, but it’s not true. We have the audio of Bev Perdue suggesting the elections be canceled and she’s not joking, as you will hear, and it’s quite interesting. The Democrats, the more they get in trouble, and the more that things unravel, the more they show us who they really are. She’s not the first one suggesting we cancel the elections. Peter Orszag, the former budget director of the White House, suggested pretty much the same thing in the New Republic last week. We just got too much democracy going on right now. We need to dial back the democracy so that correct decisions can be made.

What it all adds up to is that the left and the Democrats demonstrate their authoritarian instincts, their statist ideals when times grow very tough, and they are growing very tough.



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