Countdown to Obama Jobs Speech

So September 7th, jobs program, Obama has requested a joint session of Congress to make his presentation. It also happens to be at night of a Republican presidential debate. In fact, Rick Perry’s first Republican presidential debate at the Reagan library. So if we’re gonna do our countdown clock, we’re gonna have to reset it here. What would it be? A hundred seventy-six hours instead of 144. A hundred seventy-six hours from noon today, Obama’s historic jobs address.

Now, let me tell you about this jobs address. This is not cynicism. Obama’s plan, no matter the details and no matter how he tries to dress it up, the only purpose of his jobs plan will be to announce an increase in government spending to keep us out of a technical recession. We are at a 1% growth rate. Our economy is growing at 1%, and the GDP, economic growth includes government spending. Without government spending we would still be in an official recession, and that’s what Obama wants to avoid. He wants to get enough spending approved to get the GDP up in an artificial way. The larger percentage of the GDP represented by the government, the worse it is for people who want to have traditional jobs in the private sector, who want to try to build a nest egg, amass wealth, leave something for your family, you don’t do that through government. Government takes that opportunity away from you.

The more money that government sucks up from the private sector, the less opportunity there is for everybody that’s left in the private sector. None of that matters to Obama. What Obama wants to do is gin up enough government spending to keep us technically out of a recession. So let’s say that Obama increased government spending by, oh, X percent of our entire economy. Our GDP would go up by whatever that percentage is. And that’s what Obama, the Democrats are desperate to do. And that’s why they want to do this in a national primetime address. They want to increase spending enough to keep us from having two quarters of negative GDP in an election year.

This is not cynicism. I’m telling you the truth. The last thing on Obama’s mind is creating jobs. The only thing on his mind is reelection.



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