Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Thinks Your Money is Hers

We got Jan Schakowsky, who is from Illinois. She was on Don and Roma yesterday on The Big 89, WLS. They’re probably not gonna like me calling it that, but that’s what it was when I was growing up. It’s always gonna be The Big 89 to me, WLS Chicago. She’s out there saying, (paraphrasing) “Of course we have to take your money. Of course we have to take your money in the form of taxes, of course we have to take what you earn.” Jan Schakowsky said that. Of course we have to take what you earn, we gotta do all these things with it. And then the things that she lists are firemen and cops. Since when did the federal government start paying for firemen and cops? It’s all a scam.

Anyway, you poor people, if you really exist in the majority of this Gallup poll who want this jobs bill passed, you’re being scammed. There is no jobs bill, and there’s no jobs in that bill. All that is is tax increases.



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