College demands 9-11 tribute include flags from other countries – or face cancellation

The divisive developments surrounding planned 9/11 commemoratives continue to disappoint. Administrators at Marietta College in Ohio, for example, created a controversy over one student’s planned display of 2,977 American flags — one for each person who died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The Blaze reports:

After receiving initial permission from the college to hold the memorial, [Sarah] Snow, a junior, said she received a second email saying the vigil would not be allowed unless it also included flags from the other countries too.

In a post on the Young America’s Foundation website, an organization for conservative students, Snow said her “jaw dropped” when she read the email.

“Why should we place the extra flags anyways? It was an attack on AMERICANS, AMERICAN ideals, AMERICAN capitalism, defense, and freedom,” she wrote. “The World Trade Center wasn’t hit because a Chinese accountant was working that morning; it was hit because American capitalists were there.”

When Snow visited the student life office, administrators told her they didn’t want a negative reaction from international students at the school — but Snow hadn’t received any complaints from international students, anyway.



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