Collapsing Obama Says the Country “Has Gotten a Little Soft” as CNN Finds “90% of Americans Say Economy Stinks”

In the real world, everything is collapsing on Obama now. You go to The Drudge home page and there’s a side-by-side picture of Chris Christie and Obama. Obama 44 percent; Chris Christie 43 percent. I’m going to make an offer right now. Any polling company, I will pay for it, do a poll, Mickey Mouse versus Obama. I’ll talk to Drudge. I think I can convince him to run it. You go out and do a poll. Obama versus Mickey Mouse, and I’ll pay for the poll. Get the results and we’ll plaster them everywhere, because every day it’s a different Obama versus Paul. Obama/Christie, Obama/Palin, Obama whatever. And it’s neck and neck.

Let’s throw Mickey Mouse in there. (interruption) Well, of course it has to be a legitimate polling company. Do you think I’m asking for some fraudulent company here to do the poll? (interruption) Just promise what? Oh, oh, oh. You’re thinking a bunch of fly by nights are going to take me up and do the poll and send me the bill. That’s not how it’s going to happen. There has to be a contract. Prearranged agreement and so forth. Lawyers have to be involved. You are overly protective and concerned. I know you think this is a bunch of fly by night charlatans out there. We know how to deal with them. So Durbin has conceded in this piece that Democrats don’t have the votes in the Senate to pass it. Not at the moment, I don’t think we do, but we can work on it.



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