Carville Puts Voice to the Panic

James Carville is now going verbal to back up what he wrote, This is last night with Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room. Blitzer said, “James Carville, you created quite a stir in this article you’ve written for What are you talking about, sir?”

CARVILLE: We lost two elections Tuesday night. We lost 65 elections in November.
The economy is sliding not sideways. If anything it’s sliding back. Macroeconomics advisers say there is a one in third chance we are going into another recession. You look at how crazy the opposition party is, cheering death and everything else, and you say, “Hey, we’ve got to change direction here. We’ve got to do something different. This is not working, not politically, not economically, not anything.” So bring in a new team and indicate to people that you get it. They understand you were dealt a very tough hand, but you just keep playing the same hand over and over again. It’s not working.

RUSH: Not working. Carville on a rampage, and he wasn’t through. Blitzer said, “You’ve got two specific recommendations in your CNN column. Fire somebody, and indict people. Well, let’s talk about both of those. What do you mean fire somebody? Who should be fired?”



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