Bill Clinton Cuts Obama Off at Knees

So there’s Clinton again reminding everybody he’s in the top bracket, reminding everybody he’s rich. (imitating Clinton) “Hey, I’ll be glad to pay that top rate, doesn’t matter to me, but it isn’t gonna solve the problem.” It isn’t gonna solve the problem. I don’t care, I don’t care if he used to use the same lines. We’re talking about liberals and we’re talking about a presidential campaign, and we’re talking about a former president here who has just willingly stabbed the sitting president of the United States in the back. I don’t care that Clinton believes everything Obama believes and has said it in the past. What’s happening here — and I don’t know how wide a berth this is gonna get, but he said it. He’s basically throwing Obama under the bus, tax increase won’t solve the problem, none of what Obama’s doing is gonna solve the problem, and we don’t resent the rich. (imitating Clinton) “Hey, I am the rich, you know, I’m one of you now, I pay it, I pay more than everybody else. I live in New York, ha-ha-ha.” That’s not very smart, but still. It is what it is.

Then here’s Mark Penn last night on Hardball, Chris Matthews, Mark Penn, Clinton’s pollster, former Hillary strategerist. Matthews said, “What’s the right prescription, go down the middle left, go a little bit over to the progressive side, go after the rich people, what’s your prescription here?”



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