Be Careful, Republicans, When Attacking Perry on Social Security

By the way, you Republicans, I’m gonna warn you about something here. I’ve not endorsed anybody, and this is not an endorsement, but be very careful if you start attacking Rick Perry on Social Security and a Ponzi scheme. There are too many of you out there who have already said that yourselves, Mitt Romney. Mitt, you have already called it a Ponzi scheme and worse. I’ve got a whole list of people here in politics, media and outside, who have referred to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme, and I’m hearing that Michele Bachmann is preparing to lay into Rick Perry on his comments about Social Security being a Ponzi scheme and I would like to warn everybody, be careful here because you’re pandering to the media. You’re pandering to the left-wing media by jumping on Perry on this Ponzi scheme business.

Do you think that if Social Security had been honestly described as what it was — well, if somebody came to you and said we’re gonna create this Ponzi scheme, that you’re not gonna have any choice, would you want it? Of course not! Would you like a program that’s gonna guarantee your retirement? Yeah. Fine. It’s all in how the whole thing was put together.



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