Barack Obama: The Single Biggest Destroyer of Jobs in US History

There weren’t any jobs. What is there to say? In fact, I’ll tell you, I don’t know how they’re gonna revise this number down. They revise the number down every month, right? How are they gonna revise zero down? Well, yeah, there had to be a net loss of jobs.

Now, actually, there was a guy hired in August. And all of the networks had planned live interviews with the guy who got the job in August, but he got laid off on August 31st, so there was no job created. There was one guy who got a gig somewhere, I don’t know where and I don’t know what the job was, but the networks were all excited. They were gonna interview this guy as part of the Labor Day weekend, but he got laid off less than two weeks after he was hired. (laughing) It’s no laughing matter, I know. It really isn’t. It’s a disaster out there. Yeah, we need a jobs program after almost three years of Obama jobs programs.

You see the latest CNN/ORC poll? Supposedly more than eight in ten Americans think the economy is in another recession, 80%. When’s the last time that 80% of Americans agreed on anything? I ask you, and yet 80% of Americans think that we are in another recession. You compare that, for instance, to the so-called consensus on manmade global warming. Now, it’s funny, folks, as you well know, when there is a Republican in the White House, if most people think that we’re in a recession, and we are, that’s all it takes. In fact, we can be in a recession even when most people don’t think we’re in a recession. CNN is so eager to save Obama’s bacon that they point out, even after 80% of the American people think we’re in a recession, they’re wrong, CNN says.



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