Barack Obama Has Not Failed

The Libyan rebels are now saying that Colonel Moammar Khadafy is “completely surrounded.” So maybe now Khadafy will be forced to give them some details about his new jobs plan. Wait! I’m getting my stories confused. It’s Obama who has the jobs plan, but he’s also surrounded. (interruption) He’s surrounded by events, Snerdley. Obama is totally surrounded here. They are not going to give any details of the speech because they want ratings. They want people to watch. If they give any details of the speech they are afraid nobody is gonna watch. Although some details have already leaked out: $300 billion more. “Obama Said to Seek $300 Billion Jobs Package.”

Now, you add that to the $800 billion stimulus, and you’ve got $1.3 trillion that will be totally what he’s asked for that’s added to the baseline of the budget. But still, look at this in the New York Times. Jeff Zeleny has the story here and I mention this story mostly for the humor of it. The headline of the story: “A Campaign Challenge: Defining Obama.” They are still trying, at the New York Times, to “define” Barack Hussein Obama. (interruption) I know the $780 trillion didn’t create any jobs, and $300 billion more isn’t. I’m surprised it’s that small. I’m surprised it’s only $300 billion. It’s gotta end up being more than that. It’s gotta be enough that the Republicans will object to it because that’s the whole point: To come up with something Republicans will object to. Oh, do you know that Pelosi’s ticked off?



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